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Review: Kiss Across Swords by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Kiss Across Swords (Kiss Across Time #2) by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Synopsis (Goodreads):
To save them all they must win back one reluctant heart...again.

Taylor Yates never dreamed growing up she would end up happily living with two drop-dead sexy vampires and time-hopping through their thousand years of personal history. Her life is complete...or is it?

When she finds herself at the siege of Jerusalem during the first crusade, Veris doesn't know her at all and doesn't want to. Worst of all, he and Brody are total strangers, and Taylor drives a wedge in deep between them by trying to seduce Veris at their first meeting--not something a lady of the day does if she wants to keep her head.

Taylor and Brody must woo Veris using the customs of medieval England, win his heart and his full commitment before Jerusalem falls in four days' time--or when they return to their own time, their lives as they know them will be gone...

Warning: This story features two super hot alpha vampire heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.
My Thoughts: My favorite time-traveling vampire menage is back! Admittedly, they're the only time-traveling vampire menage that I know (in a literary sense), but I like them enough that I'm sure they'd be my favorite if any others were around. SURE OF IT. Because these three have a whole lot of sexy going on. As we all should know at this point, I approve of sexy.

What has our intrepid triad been up to this time? Just messing around with the past and possibly destroying their present. LITTLE THINGS!

I have to say that I really like being able to see so many sides of Brody and Veris. They're equal parts warriors and lovers. They use their strength to protect those around them but they are so damaged by some of the things in their respective pasts. Past-Veris killed me with his disbelief that the type of love that he saw between Brody and Taylor could exist. And Brody... sometimes I just wanted to cry like a baby for him because he expects SO much of himself.

Those two men. Really, I am smitten by both of them for very different reasons. And the guy on guy hotness only makes it better. Because... wow. Just, wow.

Tracy Cooper-Posey did a wonderful job bringing new depth to all the characters. I'm not admitting this happened, but I might have teared up once or twice. I'm a little worried that book 3 is going to reduce me to a quivering, sobbing mess.

However, for my favorite time-traveling vampire menage, I'll totally put aside my worries and dive on in to the final chapter.

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