Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: The Submission of Giuliana by Rosalind Scarlett

The Submission of Giuliana (Anam Céile Chronicles) by Rosalind Scarlett
Synopsis (Goodreads):
"As I lay there being taken by two men, my orgasm swept through me, yet it was for another who had pleasured me only in the realm of my mind."

Giuliana never dreamed life would lead her to where she is now-- serving as a courtesan in the swanky vampire theatre Sanguelascivia in Venice, Italy. Some days, she hates to admit, she loves her job-- what woman wouldn't enjoy being sexually pleasured in a variety of new ways every day? She has been serviced by some of the most mouthwatering men she has ever laid eyes on.

And still other days, she cannot believe she has lowered herself to this. Then there are the Vampire patrons to whom she is expected to submit and service privately after the shows. Her life at Sanguelascivia is in severe contrast to the simple life she once knew with her husband and child. But she no longer allows herself to think of them. It is too painful to face the loss.

Giuliana vowed she would never love again. That is, until she sees Vincenzo her first night at the theatre and something stirs deep within her. Night after night she aches as she watches him with other women, wondering when she will finally have her turn to be pleasured by him. The only way she is able to endure her performances with the other men-- and oft times women-- is to fantasize about him pleasuring her.

Will she ever feel him against her skin, feel his lips hot upon hers, feel him moving inside of her?

The Submission of Giuliana is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual character from the Anam Céile Chronicles, a series which centers around true love, soul mates, self-discovery, loss, vampires, lust, and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland, beautiful, culturally rich Italy, Venice and Florence, amongst others. It can be read alone or in conjunction with the series.
My Thoughts: I'm not going to lie, I was looking for something nicely naughty to read and I wasn't disappointed. Guys, this story has girl on girl, guy on girl, guy on guy, and guy on girl on girl. Oh, and vampires. DO YOU SEE WHY I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED? I got a little of everything. Except minotaurs. But those are an acquired taste, so I'm totally cool with their lack.

Anyway. I don't think this needs to be said, but this was a sexy little read. Fairly quick (although the courtesans were in no way quick themselves, if you know what I mean), it thrust (heh) Giuliana into a variety of different sexual situations as she longs for the one man in the troupe that she isn't paired up with.

Tough life, amirite???

That's right, she gets to have multiple orgasms with multiple partners (something that she throws herself into with gratifying ease) all while fantasizing about the man who stirs her loins to unimaginable heights. It was pretty hot.

It has also piqued my interest in the other books in this series. I am intrigued. Very intrigued. Well played, Rosalind Scarlett. Well played.

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2. Soeis
The Submission of Giuliana - Kindle
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The Submission of Giuliana was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. That synopsis is longer than your review. o.O

    Still. Sounds like a deliciously naughty book.

    1. Hush. (How do you pluralize "synopsis"?) The synopses *looks at that* *good enough* of all the books in this series are on the longish side. Just you wait.

    2. Yes. Synopses. Anyway. I just thought this synopsis could be MUCH SHORTER and still be effective.

    3. My work on synopses lately has left me concluding that they are HARD to write. *stares blankly at my own*

    4. That's why you employ editors. *smiles sweetly*

    5. A good editor is worth their weight in gold!