Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Witch Bound by Eleri Stone

Witch Bound (Twilight of the Gods #2) by Eleri Stone
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Raquel Lindgren knows what her future holds. An arranged marriage. A new home in Ragnarok, Iowa, with another clan of refugees from Asgard. She should be happy. But there's a mental block preventing her from tapping in to her true abilities as a witch. And she's more attracted to the best man than she is to the groom…

Fen can't believe he's falling for his best friend's future wife. As a hound, a wolf shifter, his duty lies with the pack. He's seen too many hounds destroyed by love, and he's sworn never to take a mate, never to have children of his own. He can't deny his desire for Raquel, but she deserves more than he can offer her.

Raquel's been raised to trust in magic, her clan and her destiny. But when a vengeful demon threatens to break out of Asgard and destroy the clan, Raquel learns she must trust in love if she is to take the future into her own hands.
My Thoughts: Oh, Fen! My soft spot for heroes who are trying SO HARD to do the right thing even if it makes them miserable is alive and kicking. The circumstances that bring Raquel into Fen's world make a relationship between them less than ideal. Throw in that whole " a hound bonds with the first person they have sex with" and you can imagine that things are VERY TANGLED! (and, yes, that means that as an unmated hound, Fen's a virgin. I love that the male has to abstain in this case. Unless he wants a permanent mate, he's staying off the sauce... err, the ladies. You know what I mean, right?!?!)

As difficult as things were, Raquel and Fen's friendship was incredibly sweet. He gave her something to hold onto when she was first brought to Ragnarok and had her romantic imaginings dashed. He tried to help her find a way to break through the block that was capturing her magic. She needed a friend and he stepped up. And when the friendly feelings turned a little deeper, he tried to step aside.

Good thing his wolf wasn't willing to let him screw things up.

Meanwhile, things are heating up in Asgard... well, not actually *heating* up since it's a frozen wasteland, but things are happening. BIG THINGS! I like the direction that events are taking these characters. I LIKE THEM!

Norse mythology with an intriguing twist and characters that make me giddy. I am so loving this world!

Twilight of the Gods
1. Demon Crossings
2. Witch Bound - Kindle

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  1. North mythology is some of my favorite! Things should heat up in Asgard, it is always so bleak there!

    1. OMG! Asgard is AWFUL in this series. It's just this wasteland and it's FABULOUS. Can you tell that I totally recommend this series?