Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clock Rewinders (08/04/13)

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is the brain child of Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Tara @ 25 Hour Books.  I'm inviting myself to their party (as I sometimes do) because I have so damn much fun reading Amanda's posts that I couldn't help myself.

Reading the Paranormal Week in Review
Bookish Delights
Goodreads Stats - Loosely borrowed from Tara @ 25 Hour Books
Check it out!
  • Seriously Series weekly update: Wow. I read practically NO rereads in July. I don't like that. Goal for August - clear out a few rereads.
    • Series started in 2013: 22/18 (+5 since last week)
    • Series started before 2013: 2/18 (+0 since last week)
    • Series rereads: 6/13 (+0 since last week)
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  1. *flails* I DID NOT HEAR THE DARKEST LONDON NEWS! This makes me happy. HAPPY!

  2. You have to read some Maureen Johnson!! She's wonderful! And I love her tweets, too. :)

    1. I have one of her books! I just have... I don't know, 500+ OTHER books to read also! SOMEDAY!

  3. You had a busy week. I liked Marley in Chains, actually this series is really good. Can't wait for Bout of Books.

    1. I've liked all of R.G. Alexander's books that I've read so I'm pretty excited for that one. =D

      Yesssss.... BOUT OF BOOKS IS COMING!