Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dark Ride Dogs by Keith Melton [Review]

Dark Ride Dogs (Zero Dog Missions #2) by Keith Melton
Dark Ride Dogs (Zero Dog Missions #2) by Keith Melton
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 4, 2014

Zero Dog Missions
1. The Zero Dog War
2. Dark Ride Dogs - Kindle

Keith Melton
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Death prophecies, ghost clowns, homicidal redcaps…this town has really gone to the dogs.

Zero Dog mercenary Andrea Walker used to love fortune cookies—until the day she received a death prophecy inside one. Of course, believing a mass produced fortune from a baked good would be insane—until a berserker shows up on her doorstep claiming he’s been sent by an infamous oracle to save her life. She must hire him or die.

Hell really breaks loose when the Zero Dogs are contracted to stop a ghost-summoning goblin’s plan to bring his Eternal Malevolence Carnival and Incredible Show of Evil to Portland, starring a company of ghost performers—clowns, acrobats, and nefarious balloon-twisting mimes. Meanwhile, Andrea’s normally shy succubus friend seems to be falling for the mysterious berserker. Too bad a malfunctioning charm spell has the redcap goblin yearning for her as well.

Now Andrea must elude a death prophecy, discover if her new-hire berserker can be trusted, and avert the looming ghost clown apocalypse. Just another mad mission for the Zero Dogs.
Thoughts on Dark Ride Dogs: So. Ghost clowns. I... don't like clowns. But I do like Keith Melton's books. And naked werewolves. So, I decided to dive on in and see if the clowns killed me. For the record, they did not. Which is fortunate because death by clown is horrifying. Just ask the Zero Dogs. They're neck deep in ghost clowns and all the other creeptastic stuff that goes along with an EVIL CARNIVAL!

But I digress. Because, you see, there's a naked werewolf in the house and he's an "enthusiastic nudist." *nods blissfully* I like Rafe. The guy can shake his junk like no one else can. *thumbs up to that*

Meanwhile, death prophecies, a berserker, a goblin who follows a non-traditional path, and all the childish bickering that goes on between the Zero Dog team makes this a downright fun read. WHO DOESN'T LIKE FUN THINGS?!?! *looks toward the goblins and quickly looks away* Anyway. Very fun. Nicely bloody. Lots of destruction! Mostly from the Zero Dogs on the last part. I appreciate that. Andrea and her team are very good at taking things apart, blowing things up, and setting things on fire.

In other words, they're pretty much the perfect team to send in when all hope is lost. Or there are goblins. Or anything magical. Or just something you want destroyed.

Man, I liked this book!


  1. I've just added Zero dog war to my list ! Thanks for the enthusiastic review :)

    1. If you like naked werewolves, you'll get a kick out of these books. I mean, other stuff happens, too, but NAKED WEREWOLF!

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