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Lost in Prophecy by S.M. Reine [Review]

Lost in Prophecy (Ascension #5) by S.M. Reine
Lost In Prophecy (Ascension #5) by S.M. Reine
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 4, 2014

1. Sacrificed in Shadow
2. Oaths of Blood
3. Ruled by Steel
4. Caged in Bone
5. Lost in Prophecy - Paperback | Kindle

S.M. Reine
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Elise Kavanagh is too busy liberating slaves in the City of Dis to worry about what’s happening on Earth. She hasn’t even noticed that more than three thousand people have gone missing—not until an anonymous client hires her organization, The Hunting Club, to rescue them. The man asking for help doesn’t seem to exist. But the trail of clues is too strange to ignore, and she finds herself caught in the investigation. Werewolf Alpha Rylie Gresham is absorbed in troubles of her own. The pack is disobeying her, and the cult camped out in Northgate seems to be the source of the problem. Her mate, Abel, has resolved to fix it one way or another—even if it means going over Rylie’s head. Through secrets, lies, and assassination attempts, Elise and Rylie find that they have a new enemy in common. And what it takes to prevail might mean shattering the universe...
Thoughts on Lost In Prophecy: Holy wow. No joke, every book in this series raises the stakes for Elise, Rylie, and crew. Things go from bad to worse to OMFG!THE SKY IS FALLING IN A LITERAL SENSE AND EVERYBODY'S PROBABLY GOING TO DIE HORRIFICALLY!

I need to destress after reading these. Seriously. I get a little wound up.

Speaking of which, you know that point in a book where you can just see the bad thing coming and you want to shake some sense into a character or two, but even if you could, you know it wouldn't help? YEAH. THAT. BAD THINGS HAPPEN. Bad things that make me go all caps-locky. As you can see. There are several bad things that roar down like a freight train this time around. Abram and Summer and Nash and OMG! WHYYYYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENING???

I honestly can't see how Elise and crew are going to work their way out of all this without making the world implode in some way, shape, or form. Come to think of it, it could be argued the world has already done that. Anyway. Things are dark and dangerous right now and they can't trust anybody except their inner circle. We do get a few hints to future shenanigans with James and his broody magic. As usual, I'm torn about James. I like him. I understand where he's coming from most of the time. BUT... the path he chooses is a tough one. As many times as he's betrayed Elise... well, those two have a lot to work through, methinks.

To recap: Big things! DANGER!DANGER!DANGER! OMG!WTF?BBQPIZZQ-style shenanigans going on left and right. It's basically a big, glorious explosion of body parts and hunger and terrible things.

I think I might love it.

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