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Into the Wild by Cat Scofield [Review]

 Into the Wild by Cat Scofield
Into the Wild (Taken by the Pack #9) by Cat Scofield
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 20, 2015

Taken by the Pack
1. Full Moon
2. Star-Kissed
3. Midnight Eyes
4. Nightfire
5. Blood Price
6. The Hunt
7. Tooth and Claw
8. Moonrise
9. Into the Wild - Kindle

Cat Scofield
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**Kelly's note: Looking to give this series a whirl? Full Moon, book 1, can be found free at Amazon.

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright has risked her life for an audience with the Alpha Father. Now her hopes of escaping Ms Ariel's clutches have been snatched away, and she's been thrust into an all-or-nothing battle for survival.

In the stunning finale to the TAKEN BY THE PACK series, Lisa and her two lovers will be pushed to the limit as they fight for their lives... and each other.
Thoughts on Into the Wild: This was one incredibly satisfying ending to the series. We were given, blood, guts (both literally and figuratively), sexy-times, resolution for everything Lisa and her boys have been working toward AND it was left open-ended enough that we could potentially see more of these characters in the future. (I'm putting in my vote for more. Just sayin'.)

Lisa has come a long way from the wide-eyed girl she was in the first installment. Okay, maybe she wasn't exactly wide-eyed. That implies she's innocent or something, and Lisa isn't exactly innocent. I mean, she has two hunky wolves filling her every want. That right there says a lot about her willingness to try new things.

Speaking of those two, I like Toby and Warren. Neither of them are perfect, but they throw themselves into the relationship with Lisa with everything inside them and I totally appreciate that.

I really enjoyed this entire series and am so pleased with how it all played out.

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