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Moonrise by Cat Scofield [Review]

 Moonrise by Cat Scofield
Moonrise (Taken by the Pack #8) by Cat Scofield
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 20, 2015

Taken by the Pack
1. Full Moon
2. Star-Kissed
3. Midnight Eyes
4. Nightfire
5. Blood Price
6. The Hunt
7. Tooth and Claw
8. Moonrise - Kindle
9. Into the Wild

Cat Scofield
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**Kelly's note: Looking to give this series a whirl? Full Moon, book 1, can be found free at Amazon.

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright has gone to hell and back. She's been captured and tortured by pack leader Ms Ariel and her thug Old Pete, forced to fight her her life against scores of bloodthirsty werewolves, and now she's cornered in the one place she thought safe - Master Jacoby's mansion.

Ms Ariel has broken Jacoby's last line of defense. His home turf has been flooded with werewolves, and if Lisa and her two boys don't fight tooth and nail, they won't make it out alive...

With their backs against the wall, can Lisa Bright, Toby and Warren pull off a miracle and save Master Jacoby from having his head torn off? Or is this the day their adventures come to an end?
Thoughts on Moonrise: Lisa and her boys HAVE been through a lot to reach the point they're at. Their relationship has had a few rough patches (mostly of the "Toby was held captive and tortured" variety), but they've managed to keep it together and survive despite the overwhelming odds they've faced.

Honestly, though, they never get much down time. If they didn't have the smokin' sex to help them unwind, they'd be wrecks. Fortunately, they have the sex. And each other.

As good as the sex is, I think it's the fact that the three of them will face down any obstacle to protect each others' backs that makes them such a fabulous threesome. (although the sex does play a large part in that threesome bit, just so we're clear.)

There's one more installment left and these three have a lot of ground left to cover. I can't wait!

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