Thursday, December 17, 2015

Venom by Sarra Cannon [Quickie Review]

 Nightshade Anthology
Venom (Sacrifice Me #0.1) by Sarra Cannon
Format: ebook
Source: provided for review as part of the Nightshade Anthology
Date read: October 21, 2015

Sacrifice Me
0.1. Venom - Kindle
1. The Demon
2. The Dream
3. The Darkness
4. The Dying
5. The Devil
6. The Doorway

Sarra Cannon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
On the run from a coven of witches determined to capture and enslave him, Rend must overcome the limitations of the human world and embrace his true demon power. But will he survive?
Thoughts on Venom: I loved the questions this story raised on good vs evil. Rend is doing what he thinks he must to free those who have been enslaved by the witches. By doing this, he realizes he's become a monster in the eyes of most. But the alternative is to allow his people to remain enslaved and in agony. There was something fiercely poetic about an otherwise good demon doing the unspeakable for noble reasons.

I have a couple of Sarra Cannon's other books on my Kindle. Looks like it's time to dig them out and see if they're half as captivating as this bad boy.

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