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Ultimate Courage by Piper J. Drake [Review]

 Ultimate Courage by Piper J. Drake
Ultimate Courage (True Heroes #2) by Piper J. Drake
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 29, 2016

True Heroes
1. Extreme Honor
2. Ultimate Courage - Paperback | Kindle
3. Absolute Trust
3.5. Winter Valor
4. Total Bravery
5. Fierce Justice

Piper J. Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):

Retired Navy SEAL Alex Rojas is putting his life back together, one piece at a time. Being a single dad to his young daughter and working at Hope's Crossing Kennels to help rehab a former guard dog, he struggles every day to control his PTSD. But when Elisa Hall shows up, on the run and way too cautious, she unleashes his every protective instinct.

Elisa's past never stays in her rearview mirror for long, and she refuses to put anyone else in danger. But with Alex guarding her so fiercely yet looking at her so tenderly, she's never felt safer . . . or more terrified that the secrets she keeps could put countless people in grave peril. The only way for both to fully escape their demons will take the ultimate act of courage: letting go and learning to trust each other.
Thoughts on Ultimate Courage: Hellllo, Alex Rojas. It's hard to dislike a man who's dedicated to his daughter while doing his best to deal with his personal demons. Plus, he sees straight to the heart of Elisa's issues and is pretty determined to do whatever he needs to do to help her find her happy place. Both mentally and physically. *finger guns*

As I was saying, Alex worked for me. His love for Boom shines through. His (eventual) willingness to address his PTSD worked for me. His gentleness with Elisa worked. Heck, I just liked the guy.

And then there's Elisa. She's wary and careful and no matter how far or fast she runs she can't quite catch a break. Meeting Alex and having him give her his time and protection so readily goes a long way toward helping her. The fact that Alex and his friends are badasses AND have friends they can draw on to help her out is a bonus.

I'm really enjoying this series. From the dog training to the men trying to fit back into civilian life and managing to find their lady loves as they work through their issues, it works for me. Book 3, I AM READY!

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