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Shadow's End by Thea Harrison [Review]

 Shadow's End by Thea Harrison
Shadow's End (Elder Races #9) by Thea Harrison
Format: paperback
Source: purchased
Date read: August 27, 2016

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9. Shadow's End - Paperback | Kindle
9.5. Liam Takes Manhattan

Thea Harrison
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The author of Lord’s Fall and Midnight’s Kiss returns with an enchanting and sizzling new tale about debts that cannot be repaid and hunger that cannot be satisfied…

For Beluviel, consort to the Elven High Lord, and Graydon, gryphon and First Sentinel of the Wyr, even the slightest desire for each other is forbidden. But two hundred years ago, after a desperate play to save Beluviel’s stepson left them indebted to the cruel Djinn Malphas, they found their fates inexorably linked together—and the hunger between them growing too strong to ignore…

Two centuries later, with their debt to Malphas coming due, Beluviel and Graydon realize that, if they are to stand any chance of saving their souls, they must once again work together—this time more closely than ever before. But every moment they spend with each other brings them nearer to losing something even more vital—their hearts…
Thoughts on Shadow's End: Graydon's been a favorite of mine since we first met him in book 1. For all he's a predator and can kill when he needs to, he was a sweetheart to Pia and he stepped into the role of Dragos's First with seeming ease.

To know that he was forced to suppress his mating instinct for two hundred years because of the tangle he got into with Malphas was a heartbreaker. That he did it all believing he knew the price helping Bel would extract from him just makes me like him even more.

But Graydon wasn't the only one who suffered in the deal. As the Elven consort, Bel had the weight of a demesne on her shoulders. PLUS, there was the whole Ferion thing. No matter how you look at it, it's a rough situation.

Honestly, this was a bit of a rough book to read. Not because of the romance, but because the Wyr demesne suffered a hard blow. Not just the Wyr, actually. The outcome of the battle they had to fight wasn't all hearts and roses (although there was that) and the potential for the future took an unexpected turn because of it.

That said, I do like where the future of this series looks to be heading. As it turns out, even the immortals of the Elder Races have to adapt to changes that happen around them.

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