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Year of the Scorpio: Part 2 by Stacy Gail [Review]

 Year of the Scorpio Part 2 by Stacy Gail
Year of the Scorpio: Part 2 (Scorpio #2) by Stacy Gail
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: February 19, 2017

1. Year of the Scorpio: Part 1
2. Year of the Scorpio: Part 2Kindle

Stacy Gail
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
***TRIGGER WARNING: This is a MAFIA romance. In addition to several scenes with strong sexual content, there are also scenes involving violence, death, gun play, mention of sexual abuse, and adult language. Due to the nature of this book, it is intended for 18+ audiences only***

My name is Dash.

The Vitaliev Bratva had always been a part of my life, but I was never a part of it. My father built it from the ground up, and while he never hid what the family business was, he never wanted my life to be tainted by it.

But my father forgot one thing.

I’m also a Vitaliev.

Everything I hold dear has been targeted since my father’s death—my business, my friends, and the peaceful world I’ve built for myself. But it wasn’t until the love of my life, Polo Scorpeone, was struck down by a sniper’s bullet that I realized being a Vitaliev isn’t a curse.

It’s a strength.

I will face my hidden enemy with the Vitaliev fire of old, and I’ll do it with the most powerful lethal weapon Chicago’s underworld has ever known by my side.

Come to find out, the legendary Scorpio is hard to kill.
Thoughts on Year of the Scorpio: Part 2: Holy crap balls. Dash and Polo. Yeah. Yeeeeeah. They kinda killed me. Dash, because she was so broken by losing Polo at the end of book 1. It was rough. Really rough. And Polo, because I might not have agreed with him keeping his non-death from Dash, but I understood where he was coming from.

Their lives are messed up and complicated and Polo was trying to spare Dash the heartache he'd felt in his own life when he dealt with the deepest of all betrayals. I get that. I...really get that. Of course, him keeping silent ended up hurting her far more than he expected it would, but I still understand where he was coming from.

*deep breath* So there were some complicated emotions involved in the Dash/Polo dynamic. On top of that, we were also given the threat of wholesale war between the different families that hold Chicago. Old alliances have shattered and violence is in the air. Dash, badass that she is, rises to the occasion once she has reason to. She might not be part of the underworld her father built, but she's comfortable stepping into it.

She's determined to create a life for herself and Polo and that means nullifying any threats against them. Frankly, she's the perfect match for Polo in that regard.

As always, I love having the chance to revisit favorite characters. I ADORED seeing Sass and Rude and Sass's extended family again. Adored it so much, I'm going back to reread their book. And that ending? THAT ENDING. Loved it. I honestly did. Polo and Dash both went through hell and came back stronger and they deserved every ounce of happiness they could milk out of life.

Who'd have thought a killer like Marco Polo Scorpeone could end up being the type of character I desperately wanted good things to happen to?

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