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The Assassin's Curse by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

 The Assassin's Curse by Lindsay Buroker
The Assassin's Curse (The Emperor's Edge #2.5) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 17, 2017

The Emperor's Edge
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2. Dark Currents
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8. Republic
9. Diplomats and Figutives

Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius chance upon spies stealing military prototypes, they immediately give chase. Well, immediately after Amaranthe talks Sicarius, former assassin and all-around non-altruistic type, into the mission. She wants an imperial pardon, and what better way to attract the emperor’s favor than by looking after the empire’s interests?

What seems like a straightforward mission develops a hitch when the spies flee to Darkcrest Isle, a forbidding chunk of land reputed to be haunted. Amaranthe isn’t quick to believe in tales of malevolent spirits, so she’s startled when the ever-pragmatic and unflappable Sicarius shows reluctance at setting foot on the island. Only when it may be too late to escape does Amaranthe come to understand why.
Thoughts on The Assassin's Curse: Eep. I'm not sure seeing a Sicarius who isn't entirely in control is a good thing. The guy might be a non-emotional, utterly dedicated machine under normal circumstances (something I'm sure drives his comrades crazy when they're not quaking in fear around him), but not-Sicarius is kinda scary. Mostly because he's so insanely deadly.

Amaranthe is a brave woman to trust Sicarius as much as she does. But then, that's part of her charm. She believes in people and they rise up to her expectations. Even a deadly assassin whose first reaction is to kill whoever's in front of him just so they can't report anything they might know about him.

Hey, no one ever said the path to clearing one's name and finding their special someone in the form of a man who kills for a living would be easy, right?

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