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Dark Currents by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

 Dark Currents by Lindsay Buroker
Dark Currents (The Emperor's Edge #2) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 16, 2017

The Emperor's Edge
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Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's been three months since former enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon and the notorious assassin Sicarius thwarted kidnappers and saved the emperor's life. The problem? Nobody knows they were responsible for this good deed. Worse, they're being blamed for the entire scheme. With enforcers and bounty hunters stalking them, and the emperor nursing a personal hatred for Sicarius, it's going to be hard to earn exoneration.

When Amaranthe's team discovers mutilated bodies in the city aqueducts and a mysterious illness incapacitates thousands of citizens, she and Sicarius see an opportunity to solve the mystery and prove their loyalty. But they'll have to defeat vengeful shamans, man-eating predators, and deadly mechanical constructs, all while dodging imperial soldiers who would rather kill them than accept their help.

Nobody said exoneration would be easy.
Thoughts on Dark Currents: Amaranthe isn't one to take the easy route and her determination to exonerate herself and the rest of her crew has them unearthing dead bodies with alarming frequency. Plus, they get into the weirdest situations where they end up doing battle against things that most people have never heard of. Also, she puts herself in the line of fire A LOT. I mean, it makes sense when she suggests it, but her plans tend to backfire in the weirdest ways. Except they don't really backfire at all.

As Sicarius said, Amaranthe has a way of making things that shouldn't work play out the way they need them to in the end.

Let's face it, coming from Sicarius, that's pretty high praise.

This time around, Amaranthe and crew have stumbled onto a...plot. Which is pretty much par for the course for them. But this plot is...Well, it's as dangerous and deadly as everything else they've involved themselves in.

How about this? There's danger. And mayhem. And a plan that could fall apart a million different ways, but doesn't quite. Or maybe it's that Amaranthe is quick to adjust her thinking when new developments present themselves. Either way, things go off the rails more than once and the crew has to pull together to engage in some thrilling heroics.

Oh, and there's all this simmering tension between our brilliant leader and a stoic assassin.

Simmering. I expect big things from them. Eventually. Sicarius has some issues he has to work through first, but they'll get there.

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