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Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken [Review]

 Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken
Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin #1) by G.A. Aiken
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 21, 2017

Dragon Kin
0.1. Everlasting Bad Boys
0.2. A Tale of Two Dragons
0.4. Dragon on Top
1. Dragon Actually - Paperback | Kindle
2. About a Dragon
3. What a Dragon Should Know
4. Last Dragon Standing
5. The Dragon Who Loved Me
6. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy
7. Light My Fire
8. Feel the Burn
9. Bring the Heat

G.A. Aiken
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody. Men tend to either cower in fear - a lot - or else salute. It's true that Annwyl has a knack for decapitating legions of her ruthless brother's soldiers without pausing for breath. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way, she can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer.

Too bad that Fearghus is a dragon, of the large, scaly and deadly type. With him, Annwyl feels safe - a far cry from the feelings aroused by the hard-bodied, arrogant knight Fearghus has arranged to help train her for battle. With her days spent fighting a man who fill her with fierce, heady desire, and her nights spent in the company of a magical creature who could smite a village just by exhaling, Annwyl is sure life couldn't get any stranger. She's wrong...
Thoughts on Dragon Actually: A cranky dragon meets a bloodthirsty woman who has a pretty legendary temper. Niiiiiiice. Throw in some training with a sexy knight (who happens to be the dragon, but we'll talk about that later) and an EPIC case of sibling rivalry and you've got a pretty darn fun read.

So. Annwyl. She's...well, she doesn't shy away from decapitating people. She also gets enraged practically at the sound of her brother's name and that affects her fighting style. So Fearghus decides to help her with that. And by "help her with that," I mean he takes his human form to train her without letting on that he's both the dragon and the man.

Did I mention her legendary temper? Because Annwyl has one. And lying to her isn't the best way to get on her good side.

(Spoiler: It all works out in the end.)

Fearghus's big, rowdy, dragon-y family lay the groundwork for plenty more stories of romance and possible decapitations ahead. Or just roasting over an open flame. Whichever. They seem fun. And a little crazy. But still fun.

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