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Chains & Flames by G.A. Aiken [Review]

 Chains & Flames by G.A. Aiken
Chains & Flames (Dragon Kin #0.3) by G.A. Aiken
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 22, 2017

Dragon Kin
0.1. Everlasting Bad Boys
0.2. A Tale of Two Dragons
0.3. Chains & FlamesKindle
0.4. Dragon on Top
1. Dragon Actually
2. About a Dragon
3. What a Dragon Should Know
4. Last Dragon Standing
5. The Dragon Who Loved Me
6. How to Drive a Sragon Crazy
7. Light My Fire
8. Feel the Burn
9. Bring the Heat

G.A. Aiken
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Rhiannon and Bercelak's story. (Included in the ebook version of Dragon Actually.)
Thoughts on Chains & Flames: The queen and her special someone before they've taken the throne. Or, I guess, before she takes the throne. Bercelak is her consort, isn't he? No throne for him. Not that he wants it, I guess. He's happy with his dragon-lady and prefers to support her from behind the scenes. Or something.

Anyway. This is NOT the Rhiannon we met in book 1. Kinda. This Rhiannon has no idea the type of power she commands and she has her hate on for her mother. Which is totally understandable because her mother is pretty awful.

Bercelak is wonderfully cranky and perfectly bloodthirsty. And utterly captivated by Rhiannon even though she won't give him more than sneers and snark. Watching the two of them evolve into a couple is kinda sweet in a dragon-y, I'll-punch-you-in-the-snout-as-soon-as-kiss-you sort of way.

In other words: SO MUCH FUN!

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