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Spellsmoke by S.M. Reine [Review]

 Spellsmoke by S.M. Reine
Spellsmoke (A Fistful of Daggers #2) by S.M. Reine
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: July 25, 2018

A Fistful of Daggers
1. Lonesome Paladin
2. SpellsmokeKindle
3. Hell's Hinges

S.M. Reine
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's not much of a life, taking bounty hunts on vampires. But as a disgraced former deputy, Lincoln Marshall's not exactly knee-deep in job offers, and airplane tickets are expensive after the apocalypse. His dying father is all the way across the country in Northgate. It's Lincoln's last chance to see him, and he'll do whatever it takes to get there - even though the werewolf pack in Northgate is still out for his blood.

Sophie Keyes, the one and only Historian, needs Lincoln's help. She fears the gods may be out to kill her. So Lincoln drags her back home despite his better instincts - only to learn that home's not exactly safer than Reno. Some preternatural monster is killing hospice patients in Northgate.

Sheriff Noah Adair is convinced the killers are werewolves. The werewolves are convinced Lincoln Marshall is the killer. And Lincoln thought surviving the post-apocalypse had been bad enough before all this crap.
Thoughts on Spellsmoke: Aww. Look at Lincoln. Hiding his kindness under his bluster and ...well, racism. Which isn't cool, Linc. Not at all. But, it does highlight just how far the Lincoln from before has come to the Lincoln of now. And how much farther he still has to go.

So. Lincoln's cool (or at least he's getting cooler) and all, but let's talk about his family for a minute. WOW. They're quite the group. Seriously. Is there a decent one in the lot of them? Possibly. Maybe not, though. I dunno. They're kinda jerkwads. Even when they're trying to do the right thing. If, you know, you can consider ANYTHING they did the right things. Totally debatable. Totally.

Anywho. Lincoln. And SOPHIE! I like Sophie.She's smart and kinda nerdy and that works for me. Especially since she's not afraid to call Lincoln on his questionable behavior. Actually, she's pretty down with letting everybody know when they've done something questionable. Good job, Soph!

On top of getting quality face time with Linc and Soph, we also get to see Abel and Rylie again. Abel. He's another character I like. The dude's as snarly as ever. Maybe even more than normal considering he's sleep (and sex) deprived since the arrival of his newest kiddo. Hey. No one ever said being a parent was easy. Even for the Alphas.

THINGS are happening, btw. BIG THINGS. (Except, they're always big things in this universe. Go big or go home is their motto, amirite? HA. Man, I've missed these crazy characters!

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