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No Gravestone Left Unturned by Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe [Review]

No Gravestone Left Unturned (Jane Ladling Mystery #2) by Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe
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Date read: April 7, 2022

Jane Ladling Mystery
1. Romancing the Gravestone
2. No Gravestone Left Unturned - Paperback | Kindle
3. Game of Gravestones
4. Twelve Graves of Christmas
5. Conrad: Falling for the Gravekeeper
6. Grave Wars
7. Grave New World

Gena Showalter
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Jill Monroe
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
She suspects everyone of everything. Now, everyone suspects her.

For cemetery owner and world’s best fur-mom Jane Ladling, death is her business, romance is her misfortune and suspicion is her passion. When she discovers a fresh body on her porch, she calls Special Agent Conrad Ryan, her smoke-show of a boyfriend. Who isn’t actually her boyfriend. Whatever. It’s complicated, especially now that she’s being framed for the murder of the only “hard-hitting” journalist in the small town of Aurelian Hills, Georgia.

Determined to clear her good name, Jane dives headlong into following the clues––with best friends Fiona and Beau at her side. But can she identify the killer before she goes to jail? Or worse…there’s another victim?
Thoughts on No Gravestone Left Unturned: Gloriously flighty Jane has another body turn up in her cemetery (not one that's supposed to be there, alas) and she's at it again as she tries to find the culprit. She knows she didn't do it and she's determined to prove it. Even if it puts her in danger.

Her almost-hunny-bunny Special Agent Ryan is both amused by and terrified by her behavior. He's also unfailingly patient with her. Between her romantic quirks (she refuses to fall for the hunky special agent because she's convinced her family line is cursed and she'll lose him the moment she sets her heart on him) and her propensity for rushing headlong toward danger with ZERO regard for her own personal well-being, Jane can be a lot. (And that's not even mentioning how loopy she gets when sick or slightly drugged up by questionable plants in her cemetery. LOL)

Jane might have issues with dead bodies showing up unexpectedly, but her friends have her back. Between Fiona's can-do attitude and Beau's slightly more steadying presence, plus Conrad's sexy smolder looking out for her, Jane gets the job done. Wild theories, rhyming names and all.

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