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The Third Circle by Amanda Quick [Review]

The Third Circle (Arcane Society #4) by Amanda Quick
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Date read: December 8, 2022

Arcane Society
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2. White Lies
3. Sizzle and Burn
4. The Third Circle - Paperback | Kindle
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6. The Perfect Poison
7. Fired Up
8. Burning Lamp
9. Midnight Crystal
9.5. The Scargill Cove Case Files
10. In Too Deep
11. Quicksilver
12. Canyons of Night

Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Attempting to recover a relic stolen from her family years ago, gifted crystal worker Leona Hewitt secretly makes her way into Lord Delbridge’s private museum. But who she finds there is more entrancing than the crystal she seeks.

Thaddeus Ware is a mesmerist with powerful psychic energy—that doesn’t seem to be affecting the woman before him. Instead, Leona seems to exert a rather hypnotic power over the hypnotist himself. After she gives him the slip, absconding with the crystal they recovered, Thaddeus fears for her safety. For he is on assignment for the secretive Arcane Society and knows that the crystal holds the potential for great destruction. It is the key to Lord Delbridge’s membership in a shadowy group known as the Third Circle. The nobleman killed before to acquire the crystal, and Thaddeus has no doubt that he will kill again.
Thoughts on The Third Circle: We're delving deep into Arcane territory as Thaddeus (a cousin to the infamous Joneses) works on recovering a crystal with certain abilities. A crystal he and others believe belongs with Arcane. As it turns out, Leona disagrees. After all, the crystal was stolen from her mother, so it clearly belongs to her.

Let's just say Thaddeus and Leona agree to disagree while kinda-sorta working together. Mostly because Leona's life is in danger when it's in her hands and Thaddeus isn't okay with that.

While the ownership of the crystal is might be in contention, it's pretty clear that Leona has the ability to work that bad boy something fierce. Which she proves quite handily when she saves Thaddeus life. She also has a few secrets she isn't sure she's comfortable sharing with someone with such close ties to Arcane.

You know what? Let's just say things are complicated. After all, a secret society is already complicated. When you throw in a man who enjoys spilling blood, another secret society that's super creepy, and a crystal that has untold abilities...well, like I said, complicated.

No lie, I am enjoying delving into the mysterious happenings in the world of Arcane. *thumbs up*

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