Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: The Devil Inside Her by Catherine Cavendish

The Devil Inside Her by Catherine Cavendish
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Haunted by the death of her husband and only child, Elinor Gentry’s recurring nightmares have left her exhausted. She’s crippled by debt, and only the remnants of her former life surround her, things she can’t bear to sell, and wouldn’t make much profit from if she did. Then, for no apparent reason, the nightmares transform into pleasant dreams. Dreams that lead her to take back control of her life.

A string of horrific and unexplained suicides--and an unnerving discovery about Elinor herself--lead her best friend to seek help from the one person who has seen all this before, and things begin to spiral out of control. Hazel Messinger knows that Elinor’s newly found wellbeing is not what it seems, and Hazel’s not about to let the demon inside remain there permanently.
My Thoughts: Catherine Cavendish knows how to serve up some creepy goodness. This time around, we have an atmospheric little gem that takes a woman struggling to turn her life around after a terrible tragedy. Elinor is finally pulling herself out of the despair she's been wrapped in since the death of her family but her change of attitude comes as people in her town are committing suicide in graphic, awful ways.

This story, though, is more Marnie's story than Elinor's. Marnie is the best friend who has stood by and helped Elinor through her dark times. She's been the shoulder she cries on and the voice of reason when Elinor only wants to give up. At first, Marnie is thrilled by Elinor's new outlook on life. She sees her friend coming alive again after grieving for two long years. Then she begins to make connections between the horror happening in their town and Elinor's reawakening. Marnie's journey through denial and heartache over what she's coming to believe are what gives this story a little extra push.

With lovely, dark imagery and a terribly twisted way of killing innocent people, Marnie and Elinor's story skates between true friendship and horror. Creepy, just the way I like it.

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  1. I was going to comment on this post. Didn't I comment on this post? Damn.

    I like creepy. This sounds creepily creepy.

  2. This does sound super creepy. I like creepy. That doesn't make me weird!