Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: The Guardian of Bastet by Jaqueline Battisti

The Guardian of Bastet by Jacqueline Battisti
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Cat-shifter Trinity Morrigan-Caine has discovered a demon is killing supernaturals. Magically challenged, she has every intention of letting handsome Alpha werewolf Gordon Barnes handle it. But after a dying vampire gifts Trinity a mystical amulet, she is drawn into the fray as the legendary Guardian of Bastet, a warrior born when the need arises.

Though Trinity initially rejects the role, she warms to the idea when Gordon agrees to train her—and their passion for each other grows as he teaches her to embrace her animal instincts.

As she begins to accept her destiny and believe in her growing powers, Trinity realizes the danger is even closer to home than she ever imagined—and she and Gordon are going to have to face the demon in a fight to the death...
My Thoughts: This was a fun and intriguing urban fantasy with a sassy, cat-shiftin' main character who sometimes gets frisky with the wrong sort of guy. Trinity doesn't always make the best choices but she still manages to pull herself together and pull out the big magical guns when needed.

Things I liked: I'm oddly fascinated by Trinity's interlude with the very-wrong-for-her guy. It's just so... deliciously awful that her alley-cat ways took her where they took her. And then to have to explain how things happened? *shudder* Total nightmare material.I liked the dynamic of the supernatural community. Trinity is nominally part of the witches coven, but her mother doesn't have much faith in her abilities. She doesn't quite fit in anywhere until the amulet she's given begins to unlock her potential. Werewolves, vampire, ghosts, and demons populate this world and keep poor Trinity on her toes.

Betrayal, danger and one sexy werewolf are all part and parcel as Trinity finds that she's a whole lot more than just a magically challenged witch with an interesting pedigree. Fun and fast paced, Trinity's life just picked up a whole lot of complicated and she's doing her best to keep from stumbling under it.

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  1. This was a fun and intriguing urban fantasy with a sassy, cat-shiftin' main character who sometimes gets frisky with the wrong sort of guy...

    Can you blame the girl? I mean they may be all wrong in all the right ways :)

    I think in most UF the heroins make bad decisions but I love the ones that are smart/sassy!

    1. Ha! Unfortunately for her, the wrong sort of guy was the demon summoned to do VERY BAD THINGS! But she fixes her problem and everything works out.