Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2 by Kelley Armstrong

Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2 (Darkest Powers #3.5, 3.6) by Kelley Armstrong
Synopsis (Goodreads):
In Facing Facts (short story set after The Reckoning), Tori discovers who her father is, and Chloe deals with a vengeful ghost. Narrated by Chloe. This was previously published in Enthralled.

In Belonging (the novella set after The Reckoning), Derek's werewolf family comes to claim him. Narrated by Derek.
My Thoughts: I'm not 100% sure on the order these two stories fall in the timeline (Facing Facts is first in the bundle implying to me that it's 3.5, but Goodreads has Belonging listed as 3.5), so take that with a grain of salt. However, based on the time references in the stories, I'm going with Facing Facts as 3.5 and belonging as 3.6.

Facing Facts (3.5): Very short, but I loved seeing Chloe going toe to toe against her fears. I also have to admit that I adore Derek and Chloe together. She's come a long way from the girl who stammered and cowered in his presence. And Derek's just Derek. He growls and is massively overprotective but that's the way he is. He wants to protect his pack and he doesn't always stop to think that his orders are a little rough around the edges. Short, but enjoyable.

Belonging (3.6): I *love* that we're getting some answers as to how Derek ended up in the Edison Group's hands. Yes, the answers are light, but we get to meet some of his werewolf family and see how VERY different he is from them. Once again, I love the dynamic between Derek and Chloe and how willing the two of them are to step up to the plate when the other is in danger. As an aside, Derek-narrated stories are some of my favorites. I like seeing his thought processes and ... well, I just like the guy. I want to see more of him. More more more.

Final Thoughts: This is one of my all-time favorite YA series. I'm always willing to step back into this world and spend time with this kids. This bonus pack gets a BIG *thumbs up* from me.

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1. The Summoning
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3. The Reckoning
3.5. Facing Facts
3.6. Belonging
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Bonus Pack 2 (#3.5, 3.6) - Kindle

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