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Secret Unleashed by Sierra Dean [Review]

Secret Unleashed (Secret McQueen #6) by Sierra Dean
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 12, 2013

Secret McQueen
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2. A Bloody Good Secret
2.5. Secret Santa
3. Deep Dark Secret
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5. Grave Secret
6. Secret Unleashed - Kindle
7. Cold Hard Secret
8. A Secret to Die For

Sierra Dean
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
After her last mission tested the limits of her humanity and took her out of this world, Secret’s friends, determined to keep her safe from her old nemesis Alexandre Peyton, keep ushering her from one babysitter to the next.

Couch surfing would be a lot more fun if Alexandre would let up on her long enough to allow her to get in some alone time with her lovers. Including Holden, her self-appointed shadow.

As if living out of coffin isn’t bad enough, Secret literally brings down the house while hunting a rogue, causing the council to exile her from New York—for her own safety, of course.

With her list of people to trust getting shorter and shorter, Secret ends up embroiled in a mystery to find a vampire warden gone AWOL and a missing artifact. Things go from bad to worse when she falls into the hands of a man who will prove that humans can be the worst monsters of them all.

Warning: Contains a cross-country journey, an unexpected family reunion, heated lovers’ embraces and a hell of a lot of trouble.
My Thoughts on Secret Unleashed: I very nearly don't know where to start with this review. I mean... although Secret ultimately triumphs, the repercussions of what happens on her West Coast mission feel like they'll be far-reaching. I'm afraid for her. AFRAID.

She might be a big, bad werewolf queen/vampire big wig but she's had SO MUCH thrown at her that this newest development puts the fear in me. STAY STRONG, SECRET!

Okay. We do find out a few things about Secret's lineage/parentage/blood line thingy. What can I say about that except that it's complex. And it makes sense in the overall scheme of things.  We also see what sort of hits Secret can bounce back from. Frankly, that part's not pretty. And those hits lead back to the potential repercussions of what she's now embroiled in.

Am I being vague enough for you? Sorry. (not really)

Meanwhile, things take a little step forward in Secret's tangled love life. Which is good. And I still want to kick Lucas in the junk. ALSO GOOD.

As an aside, a big chunk of this book takes place near where I live and I kinda love that. So... GO, TEAM WINCHESTER! Wait. That's not an actual "team" is it? You know, maybe it should be! Sarah Winchester, fighter of ghosties and hauntings! Righter of wrongs! Builder of big, spooky houses! Okay. I'll stop.

As always, Secret is full of fire and sass. Until she isn't. Which just makes things even more interesting.

Also, I would TOTALLY be down with a Desmond/Secret/Holden triad. Just sayin'.

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