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Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox [Review]

 Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox
Dog Gone Ghost (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #4.5) by Angie Fox
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: May 12, 2017

Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries
1. Southern Spirits
1.5. A Ghostly Gift
2. A Skeleton in the Closet
2.5. Ghost of a Chance
3. The Haunted Heist
4. Deader Homes and Gardens
4.5. Dog Gone GhostKindle
5. Sweet Tea and Spirits
6. Murder on the Sugarland Express
7. Pecan Pies and Dead Guys

Angie Fox
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Who let the dogs…and cats…out?

Verity Long’s new ghost hunting career has gone to the dogs, literally. A spirit is releasing animals from their cages at the Sugarland Animal Rescue Center. It’s an unusual haunting that gets even more bizarre when she uncovers a new clue in a case of a missing child. Verity vows to reunite the lost boy with his family. And when she does, Verity just might answer the age-old question: Do all dogs go to heaven?
Thoughts on Dog Gone Ghost: Verity's back in business. This time with a ghostly pet. And a kinda sad story about a missing child. As sad as it is, Verity handles it with all the Southern charm at her fingertips.

Well, maybe not that. But she does solve a mystery and give a little peace where peace is needed. Plus, ghost dog! Who knew they would be so sweet?

We got a little Verity, a little Frankie, and a little bit of quality time spent with Verity's favorite skunk.

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