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Alien Holiday by Tracy Lauren [Review]

Alien Holiday (Alien #8) by Tracy Lauren
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
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Date read: December 24, 2020

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Tracy Lauren
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It’s Christmastime on Elysia. The weather is as wintery as one can expect in a rain forest and our annual secret Santa game is in full swing. Yet for me, something’s missing. My heart aches whenever I think of mi familia back home. Still, I’m determined to make this Christmas a special one and when I meet a Grinchy, green alien living high on a mountain above our village I’ve suddenly got a project.

For years this guy has been living in solitude—That ends now. No one should be alone, especially at Christmas. Family is the dearest thing to my heart and I’m going to make this Grinch a part of mine whether he likes it or not. But the one thing I didn’t plan on, was falling in love in the process.
Thoughts on Alien Holiday: I kinda adore when humans try to bring some holiday cheer (or just the concept of the holidays) to their alien friends. Or, as is the case here, a reluctant, scowly, TERRIBLY LONELY alien neighbor who's been hiding out on a mountain.

Lo is... well, she's struggling with the alien version of Christmas coming. She misses her family and their traditions and she's trying to stay upbeat because what else can she do? She and her fellow abductees are on a planet far from home trying to make the best of things.

Then she spots Resa hiding out, brooding on the mountain and suddenly she has a project. Make Mr. Grumpy-Pants a little less alone over their alien almost-Christmas.

Resa to put this? He's not thrilled to have Lo invading his space. He grumps and growls and tries to send her back down the mountain, but when she's not there, he misses her. Which leads to more grumpiness. Fortunately for him, Lo isn't one to back down at a few growls and pokes with a stick. In fact, those things kind of make her more determined to get to know the big guy better.

Holiday cheer set on an alien world, a lonely grump of an alien who thinks he just wants to be left alone, and a whole lot of cooking. Glorious, glorious cooking. Good stuff all around.

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