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Alien Instinct by Tracy Lauren [Review]

Alien Instinct by Tracy Lauren
Alien Instinct (Alien #1) by Tracy Lauren
Format: ebook
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Date read: June 1, 2020

1. Alien Instinct - Paperback | Kindle
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3. Alien Ascension
4. Alien Gift
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6. Alien Surrender
7. Alien Attraction
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Tracy Lauren
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Rennek is an honor bound male whose very existence in life is tarnished by the sins of his father. When he and his crew stumble onto a trafficking ring his immediate instinct is to rescue the females. He finds himself drawn to one of them, setting in motion a dangerous course of events propelling him towards his destiny. Can Rennek be the leader his people need him to be as the secrets of the past are uncovered?

Kate has spent years muddling through life, never quite finding a place for herself. When she wakes in an alien cargo hold, life surprisingly becomes a lot easier. Well, except for the bounty hunters and dirty space cops pursuing her of course. Kate’s new found happiness has a lot to do with her sexy new alien boyfriend, but she doesn’t know how to react when he suddenly starts calling her his mate. Will Kate be able to move beyond the hangups of her past and give herself completely to Rennek?
Thoughts on Alien Instinct: *rubs hands together* Okay. Abducted humans and the aliens who fall for them are one of my favorite literary things. You know, because usually the humans are way out of their comfort zone and yet they bring their human know-how and can-do attitude and end up capturing the hearts of folks who are completely unlike them.


Seriously. Human/alien pairings are such fun. Take Kate and Rennek, for example. She wakes up in a terrible situation and she does her level best to protect the other women with her. Rennek admires her spirit and her fight and THINGS HAPPEN. GLORIOUS NAKED THINGS. Eventually.

But before that they have to deal with betrayal, a complete restructuring of their way of thinking, and crash landing on a strange new world. (For the record, abandoned worlds/cities/space stations/etc are more of those things I dig, so YESSSSSS.) Finding love with an alien while surviving on an unknown world does it for me, man. It does it.

(And there are plenty of other potential stories here which I am 100% game for. Bring it!)

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