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Alien Bride by Tracy Lauren [Review]

Alien Bride (Alien #2) by Tracy Lauren
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
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Date read: August 17, 2020

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Tracy Lauren
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Alessandra Kennedy wakes up to a veritable hell, locked in a cage and held captive by aliens. But her greatest fear is of what lies beyond those cell doors. What horrors will the new life beyond her prison have to offer? She imagined every worst case scenario and all the horrible things that might await her, but never once did she imagine she would become an alien’s bride. The strange new culture that takes her in certainly does things differently than humans. Will she be able to get through the time she shares with her alien husband (without arguing) for long enough to make it home? Or will she lose her heart somewhere along the way?

Kye Amara, the rich and cocky diplomat, has always had everything at his disposal: money, women, success. But when a neighboring government tries to impress him with a gift of five beautiful slaves he finds himself drawn to one of them. Quickly this human tears down everything Kye thought he knew about himself, challenging him in a way he has never experienced before. Has Kye Amara finally met his match? And will he be able to prove he is man enough for his ALIEN BRIDE?
Thoughts on Alien Bride: Okay. Kye. I just...didn't love how dismissive he was about Alessandra's experience at first. And it wasn't that he was dismissive exactly. It was more that he didn't want to know because of political and cultural (possibly) reasons that ended up putting Alessandra in a rough place mentally. It took a long time before he realized that by not offering support he made things harder for her and I JUST WANTED TO SHAKE HIM AT TIMES.

On the other hand, their battle of wills did help to keep Alessandra focused on the here and now and not on what came before. STILL. (Yeah, I'm still a little mad at Kye for not realizing what she needed, but I also kinda get it. Kinda.)

As for Alessandra, she was a champ for putting up with everything she did. Kye's people might have rescued her and the others, but they had a weird way of dealing with people who are traumatized. Again, there are cultural things going on that didn't seem to bother some of the others who were rescued along with Alessandra, but STILL.

For the record, Kye made a lot of mistakes, but he got his head on right and did the right thing. Eventually. After, you know, SEVERAL wrong turns and mishaps. Plus, we got to meet up with the other rescued humans on their dangerous, ruin-riddled planet. (I like ruins that get repurposed by humans. It works for me!)

Misunderstandings, steamy kisses, a cocky hero who has to find some humility, and danger from an unexpected quarter. I'm digging these aliens even when they're totally clueless and need to be smacked up alongside the head.

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