Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Fearless by Rachel Vincent

Fearless (Soul Screamers) by Rachel Vincent - From the Kiss Me Deadly Anthology
Synopsis (Goodreads):
For those who thirst for accounts of paranormal romance, Trisha Telep has compiled some of the most thrilling takes of forbidden love in this collection. First crushes and last rites; dark spells and bright magic; forbidden lovers and enchanted beings -- and always, always the hungry games of desire. Pucker up for a darkly sweet collection of ghosts, shape shifters, fairies, unicorns, vampires, and demons in tales from today's biggest writers of the paranormal persuasion.
My Thoughts: Whoa. Rachel Vincent, you took a character that I was quasi-in hate with and made me ... like her. Well, I don't know if I like her, really, but you made me understand what makes her tick a little better. I am impressed. Especially since I thought there was no way I'd ever relate to Sabine and her nightmare inducing abilities. The girl rubs me the wrong way. Which is kind of the point, I guess.

So. Sabine. Delinquent. Trouble-maker. Potential boyfriend stealer. Mara. She is not an easy person to like and she's not someone who's easy to get to know. Frankly, she's had a crap life and her ability to invoke unease in others doesn't make it easy for her to relate to people. Still, she managed to show several glimmers of humanity when she dipped into one of the girls' fears and found something deeply painful and troubling.

Taking place before the series, we get a big dose of Sabine and a glimpse of Nash. It was interesting to see both their relationship with one another and that Nash's fears foreshadow what he does to Kaylee in MStK. Overall, this was a really fabulous addition to the series and it made me loathe Sabine a whole lot less. Well, done, Rachel Vincent. Well done.

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