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Cruz by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Cruz by Anna Hackett
Cruz (Hell Squad #2) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 14, 2017

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz - PaperbackKindle
3. Gabe
4. Reed
5. Roth
6. Noah
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash
15. Levi
16. Manu

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Battle-hardened soldier Cruz Ramos is running on empty. As second-in-command of the deadliest commando squad fighting the invading aliens, he doesn't know why he's fighting anymore. He's seen too much destruction, devastation, and far too much death. Still, every day he goes out to protect those humans left, and every day the growing numbness threatens to take over.

Until a mysterious woman emerges from the ruins of destroyed Sydney and saves him from a pack of rampaging aliens.

Santha Kade has one goal: revenge. The raptors who have devastated the Earth have taken everything from her: her team, her home, her beloved sister. Santha--a former police officer--has spent a year alone in the ruined city, waging her own guerrilla war. Sure, she might get lonely sometimes, but she doesn't have room for anything but vengeance. Not even for a sexy soldier with liquid brown eyes, a bone-melting accent, and a face designed to drive a woman wild.

But as Cruz and Santha join forces to rescue human hostages from the aliens, their explosive attraction is impossible to resist. Can these two warriors survive long enough to find something worth living for?
Thoughts on Cruz: The strong men (and women!) of Hell Squad are full of fighting spirit. And by that, I mean they're out on the front lines kicking dinosaur alien butt! AS ONE DOES!

In book two, we're given Cruz and Santha's story. Santha is very much a loner who's been doing an outstanding job exacting some cold vengeance on the aliens who killed her sister. Oh, and she's fascinated by Cruz. Which is totally understandable. Those two have some sparks. And when the team comes across information they need Santha's help with, those sparks heat up even further.

It just goes to show you that even a full-on alien invasion doesn't mean the lovin' has to stop.

While Cruz and Santha are extremely compatible in the sexy times department, her year in her own means Santha has some issues being a team player. Which puts her in a few interesting situations.

Good thing Cruz and the other members of Hell Squad have her back.

I'm really digging the entire Hell Squad team, but I'm DYING to get to Gabe's story. Genetically engineered soldiers in the depths of grief over losing their twin are my thang. Good thing I have the next book on tap!

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