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The Detective by Anna Hackett [Review]

The Detective (Norcross Security #7) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
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Date read: March 10, 2022

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Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
She’s a woman on the run and desperate to avoid her hot, nosy detective neighbor.

Artist Savannah Cole has secrets. She can never stay anywhere too long or let anyone get too close. An obsessed stalker has her in his sights, and to protect her family, she can never go home, never share her art, and never fall in love.
But when she plays her music a little too loud, she collides with her good-looking, inquisitive, and far-too-hot neighbor, Detective Hunter Morgan. A man who makes her want things she can never have.

After an injury ended his military career with Delta Force, Hunt Morgan found his place at the San Francisco Police Department. He may not have been there for the men of his team, but now he does his bit to keep his city safe. But his mysterious, new neighbor is disturbing his peace. One look at the beautiful blonde and Hunt knows she has secrets…
When a spate of mysterious attacks threaten Savannah’s life, Hunt steps in. He’ll keep her safe and he’s not going to let her run again.

As Savannah’s stalker closes in, she finds herself with her own private protector. Even with his brothers and friends at Norcross Security at his back, she’s terrified he’ll become the next target. But Hunt isn’t afraid of her deadly stalker, because he knows the hardest challenge will be convincing Savannah to take the biggest risk and stay.
Thoughts on The Detective: It's Detective Hunter Morgan's time to shine and he's met his match in Savannah. I mean, a lady on the run who doesn't dare trust anyone (including her hunky neighbor) who has a shadowy past thanks to a stalker bent on destroying her life is EXACTLY the type of woman who's going to get under Hunt's skin. They guy's a born protector and Savannah's way to wary to let anyone close enough to protect.

Except, you know, she does trust Hunter. She thinks she shouldn't (for his own safety) and she tries to protect him by staying away, but that doesn't work well. Because, like I said before, Hunt's a protector and he's not going to let a stalker run loose in his city. And he's REALLY not going to let said stalker terrorize the beautiful woman next door.

We get to meet up with a slew of familiar faces (the Norcross crew are quick to rally when someone needs their help) while getting a deeper peek into the Morgan brothers family dynamic. Plus PLUS...hints on what's to come. By that I mean, there's a certain someone with Vander-like intensity who makes an appearance and yesssssssss.

Danger, heartache, steamy kisses, and a couple who find one another just when things get tough. *thumbs up*

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