Thursday, May 24, 2012

Double Take Review: If I Die by Rachel Vincent

If I Die (Soul Screamers #5) by Rachel Vincent
Synopsis (Goodreads):
The entire school's talking about the gorgeous new math teacher, Mr. Beck. Everyone except Kaylee Cavanaugh. After all, Kaylee's no ordinary high-school junior. She's a banshee—she screams when someone dies.

But the next scream might be for Kaylee.

Yeah—it's a shock to her, too. So to distract herself, Kaylee's going to save every girl in school. Because that hot new teacher is really an incubus who feeds on the desire of unsuspecting students. The only girls immune to his lure are Kaylee and Sabine, her boyfriend's needy ex-girlfriend. Now the unlikely allies have to get rid of Mr. Beck…before he discovers they aren't quite human, either.

But Kaylee's borrowed lifeline is nearing its end. And those who care about her will do anything to save her life.

Original review: 10/26/11
**Warning: The below review contains spoilers, the original review does not**

My Thoughts: Gah! If I thought this book was hard to read the first time, I had no idea what a reread would do to me! *cue arm flailing and other extreme emotional expressions* Really, Rachel Vincent, you are the master at whipping me into an emotional frenzy. Well done, Ms Vincent. Well done, indeed.

There is so very much that happens in this book. Kaylee's rapidly approaching death makes her a little more reckless in regard to her love life and I, for one, am pleased. One of the things I'm loving on this reread is that all the little things about Tod and Nash that have been building up finally come to a head. I've never really agreed with the way Nash allowed Sabine into his life knowing that she was interested in renewing their old relationship and I was thrilled when Kaylee called him on it. Truly, Nash has no reason to be angry at Kaylee for spending time with Tod when Nash routinely spends time with Sabine. In fact, I think Kaylee's been a peach for putting up with their weird relationship as long as she has.

I also love, love, love that Lydia was brought back and her powers were finally explained. To be honest, I pretty much loved everything that happened - EVEN THE BAD STUFF - because this book progresses the overall arc so nicely. I'm dying to see how Sophie deals with finally being told all the family secrets. I can't WAIT for book 6!

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  1. I need to read this series and then come back and read your reviews. Right now I figure it's a bad idea if I read these. Unless I'm looking for spoilers. Which I'm not.

    *wanders off*

    1. I agree. Spoilers are bad. Read the books. Return. Discuss. That's your plan of attack!