Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Review]

Dream Chaser (Dark-Hunter #14, Dream-Hunter #3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Format: paperback
Source: purchased 
Date read: June 30, 2013

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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Hades doesn’t often give second chances...

Xypher has one month on Earth to redeem himself through one good deed or be condemned to eternal torture in Tartarus. But redemption means little to a demigod who only wants vengeance on the one who caused his downfall.

Until one day in a cemetery...

Simone Dubois is a medical examiner with a real knack for the job. Those who are wrongfully killed appear to her and help her find the evidence the police need to convict their killers. But when a man appears and tells her that she’s more than just a psychic, she’s convinced he’s insane.

Now the fate of the world hangs in her hands...

It was bad enough when just the dead relied on her. Now’s there’s the seductive Dream-Hunter Xypher who needs Simone’s help in opening a portal to the Atlantean hell realm to fight insatiable demons. The future of mankind is at stake—and so is her life. The only question now is: Who is the bigger threat: the demons out to kill her, or the man who has left her forever changed?
My Thoughts: Oh, Xypher. There is SO MUCH I like about this guy. He made a really bad choice back in the day and he's been paying in blood and bone ever since. And HE ACCEPTS that his punishment is just because he has this big heaping lump of honor inside him. The worst part about his story is that everyone believes he's some sort of ravening pyscho who drives mortals mad for laughs and he's not. HE'S NOT.

*pets Xypher*

Meanwhile, when Xypher isn't getting whipped by a skeleton (which isn't a euphemism for anything - there's a skeleton, it whips him), we get to see one of the ways that the Sumerian pantheon and the Greek pantheon are linked. Which is pretty cool. Not so much for Xypher, but the threads that were laid out in Sin and Kat's story are coming together here to make a bigger picture.

And then there's Simone. Simone who has a gift and a ghost. Simone who gets dragged into the middle of everything and faces the very bad things that are coming after her and Xypher with fierce resolve. Those two are so cute together. Xypher's surliness pitted against Simone's teasing and stuck-in-the-80s ghost.

The gallu threat is still present but several other issues are cleared up. We get a cameo by Ash (OMG! His book is nexxxxxxt!) and a new player is introduced who can do BIG things if his price is met.

Whew. Time to tackle Ash's story.


  1. Next is the Epic Novel that is now changed for me after reading Styxx. I am going to have to re-read it and see if I can line up the 2 POVs!

    1. I'm scared, Felicia. SCARED. I could barely get through a reread of Ash's book. If Styxx's book is even MORE emotional, I'm going to be an ever lovin' WRECK.

  2. Every time I see one of your reviews for this series, I tell myself to get going on reading it. And then I...don't. >.<

  3. I really need to read more of this series. I read the first 5 or 6 books and really loved them but this series is so long and I never find the time to come back to it.

    Thanks for the great review, it is reminding me of why I really enjoyed this series.

    1. It's hefty, I can't deny that. But it's goooood. And complex. <3 that!

  4. *pets Xypher* omg ::snort:: I totally just woke a herd baby up laughing. lol

    1. Xypher's just misunderstood! He deserves some petting. Poor guy.