Friday, August 30, 2013

Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon [Review]

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter #12) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Format: hardcover
Source: purchased
Date read: June 22, 2013

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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
As an ancient Sumerian god, Sin was one of the most powerful among his pantheon.  . . Until the night Artemis brutally stole his godhood and left him for dead. For millennia, this ex-god turned Dark-Hunter has dreamed only of regaining his powers and seeking revenge on Artemis. If only life were that simple.

Unfortunately he has bigger fish--or in Sin's case--demons, to fry. The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are now stirring and they are hungry for human flesh. Their goal is to destroy mankind and anyone else who gets in their way.  Sin is the only one who can stop them--that is if a certain woman doesn't kill him first. Unfortunately, Sin discovers that now he must rely on her or witness an annihilation of biblical proportions. 

Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who knows only betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is will she keep it or feed it to the ones who want him dead?
My Thoughts: The reread continues! I had forgotten how much this installment affects things down the line. The introduction of the gallu (creatures much closer to traditional vampires than Dark-Hunters and Daimons are), more hints about Ash's past (*sob*), and the banding together of some of the characters that have previously seemed to have their own agenda to stop a threat that could destroy them all - all these things made me *flaily*.

Seriously, there are parts of this book that KILLED me. I've always loved to hate Artemis for the things she forces Ash to do. In the words of Simi, she's a heifer-goddess. But she does have her moments. Sure, they're few and far between and they don't even come close to balancing out her selfishness but she has them. Her love for Katra is one of those things. She let her pride hurt Ash so badly that he only comes to her now because he has to. He gives his obedience grudgingly and she has to bargain for every minute of it. Katra is her tangible link to him. Even though Ash doesn't know about her existence, she is a reminder that once Artemis loved a man who worshipped her. Well, she loved him as much as she's capable of loving.

Honestly, Artemis treats Katra appallingly. Kat puts up with it because she truly loves her. But she's torn between Artemis and Apollymi - two powerful goddesses who each have a part in her world. It must be HARD being Kat.

Good thing she has a hunk of Sumerian godliness to climb all over. Well, ex-god. Still, he's got he hots for her, she has the hots for him. Too bad an impending apocalypse might just throw their relationship into disarray.

The Sumerian pantheon (and all the baddies who bubbled up from it) add another layer to the expanding Dark-Hunter world. Those poor Dark-Hunters. It seems like as soon as they defeat one almost-apocalypse, another one rears its ugly head. Weird, isn't it?


  1. Oh I'd totally forgotten about this one. must do some re-reading soon. I just love Simi and her reactions to the heifer goddess. I'll admit more often than not I'm rooting her on when she wants to do a little bbq-ing. lol

  2. I really like Kat's character and if I didn't like Artemis before, I liked her even less when I saw how she treated Kat. I truly love this series!

    1. Agreed. AGREED!

      (and I'm loving going back and rereading the series. SUCH FUN!)