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Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews [Review]

 Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews
Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels #4.5) by Ilona Andrews
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 29, 2015

Kate Daniels
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2. Magic Burns
3. Magic Strikes
3.5. Magic Mourns
4. Magic Bleeds
4.5. Magic Dreams - Kindle
Curran POV Collection
5. Magic Slays
5.4. Magic Gifts
5.5. Gunmetal Magic
6. Magic Rises
7. Magic Breaks
8. Magic Shifts

Ilona Andrews
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Alpha Pack leader Jim Shrapshire has always been the strong, silent type. But something has come over him--a magic force currently residing in one of the Pack's headquarters. Were-tigress Dali Harimau has always wished she could get Jim's attention--but now he needs her help.

Stricken with a magic-sickness, Jim needs Dali's flair for magic. And to save him, she must challenge a powerful, dark being to a battle of wits.
Thoughts on Magic Dreams: Good gravy, I love Jim and Dali together. All the feeeeeelings they have for one another and neither one will act on it. The thing is, I TOTALLY get why they both held back. TOTALLY. (And I have mad, MAD respect for Jim and how he held himself in check for Dali to make a move. Oh, Jim. You rock. Hard.)

We get a look at family dynamics and pack dynamics in this story. Again, I get it. As brilliant as she is, Dali doesn't think she's beautiful. With her oddities there's no way Jim could want her the way she wants him. On the other hand, Jim won't abuse his position as the cat clan alpha and he has to shove his feelings down deep to make sure Dali feels something for him before making his move.

Again, mad respect for Jim. He might do some questionable things at times when it comes to his friendship with Kate (always for the good of the Pack, BUT STILL), but he's honorable and does what's right when it comes to his lady.

*slow thumbs up*

Magic-sickness, bad people willing to do bad things for bad reasons, and Dali and Jim. I luuuurrrrrve it.

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