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Dahlias and Death by London Lovett [Review]

Dahlias and Death (Port Danby #6) by London Lovett
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Date read: March 10, 2021

Port Danby
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6. Dahlias and Death - Paperback | Kindle
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17. Holly and Horror
18. Violets and Vengeance
19. Daisies and Destruction

London Lovett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lacey Pinkerton and the town of Port Danby are preparing for the annual Fourth of July celebration at Pickford Marina. Lacey's parents are coming to stay for the week. Lacey and her friends at the Port Danby Garden Club are excited to set up a fundraising booth at the festivities. But the patriotic celebration is cut short when one of the club members is found dead. While her trusted and handsome partner Detective Briggs is dealing with a personal issue, the unexpected return of his ex-wife, Lacey works hard to tamp down the disappointment and find the killer.
Thoughts on Dahlias and Death: Okay. I must say the whole thing with how Lacey reacted to Briggs's ex-wife being in town was a little weird. Like, she literally shut down and shut Briggs out without giving him a chance to explain anything. IMO, he didn't do anything to cause that sort of reaction. At least nothing that couldn't have been easily resolved by a quick conversation. But okay. It happened.

As for the murder...well, people die and Lacey (and Briggs) tend to be there to figure out the whys and hows. This time, it's one of Lacey's new garden club compatriots and following the clues isn't all that easy.

As for Lacey and Briggs? Well, I think those two crazy kids will end up together in the end (at least I hope so!), so this is just a minor speed bump on the way to them finding their happiness.

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