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Movie Night Madness by London Lovett [Review]

Movie Night Madness (Firefly Junction #17) by London Lovett
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Date read: August 15, 2023

Firefly Junction Mystery
1. Death in the Park
2. Killer Bridal Party
3. Murder at the Inn
4. A Humbug Holiday
5. Calamity at the Carnival
6. Double Trouble
7. Havoc at Wildwood Manor
8. Fatal Feud
9. Trick or Trouble
10. A Crafty Killing
11. Death at the Museum
12. Murder at the Pumpkin Patch
13. Founders' Day Fiasco
14. Heat Wave Homicide
15. Terror at Thornbridge Hotel
16. Chocolate Festival Felony
17. Movie Night Madness - Paperback | Kindle
18. Figgy Pudding Disaster

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London Lovett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sunni Taylor and her boyfriend, Detective Jackson, have big plans for a family farm at her home, Cider Ridge Inn. A barn plan has been chosen and the site’s been cleared. Their dreams are getting closer. But when the usual rift between Jackson and his long dead ancestor, Edward Beckett, grows wider and more thorny, Sunni finds herself in an impossible situation—how can the three of them ever be happy under the same roof?

With her own troubles abounding, Sunni finds herself distracted by the town’s latest tragedy. A wealthy and well-known (but not well-liked) land developer is shot during Firefly Junction’s annual end-of-summer movie night. Sunni sets aside her personal problems and resolves to find the killer. But solving a murder is never easy when the victim has a long list of enemies.
Thoughts on Movie Night Madness: Things are a little tense between Sunni and her hunky boyfriend and it has everything to do with the ghost inhabiting the Cider Ridge Inn. Which makes things a little complicated because it's not like Sunni can kick the poor guy out. Heck, even if he wanted to, Edward couldn't go haunt somewhere else.

In other words, these three are in a bit of a pickle.

Fortunately (although it's probably unfortunate for the victim), a dead body pops up (not literally) to give Sunni something to work on other than fretting about the state of her relationship. That said, the hunky detective is on the case, too, so it's not like she can entirely escape her relationship woes. (As an aside, these two are perfect together. I mean, the couple who chats with ghosts together, stays together, amirite?!?!)

A dead body, some not-so-great building practices, longing looks, a heat wave, some sisterly time, a ghost who doesn't understand modern slang, and Sunni doing her investigating thing.

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