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Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston [Review]

 Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston
Wolf With Benefits (Pride #8) by Shelly Laurenston
Format: paperback
Source: purchased
Date read: May 14, 2015

0.5. Howl For It
1. The Mane Event
2. The Beast in Him
3. The Mane Attraction
4. The Mane Squeeze
5. Beast Behaving Badly
6. Big Bad Beast
7. Bear Meets Girl
8. Wolf with Benefits - Paperback | Kindle
9. Bite Me

Shelly Laurenston
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
There’s nothing like a good-ol’-boy wolf. And ace security expert Ricky Lee Reed serves, protects and seduces with all the right moves…

Sure, Toni Jean-Louis Parker has to be the responsible oldest sister to a crazy-brilliant clan of jackal siblings. But now she’s cutting loose for some hot, sweaty, no-commitments fun—and the sexy, slow-talking, swift-moving predator assigned to keep her family safe is just the right thing to shapeshift her love life into overdrive. Trouble is, he’s starting to get all obsessive wolf on her every time he looks in her direction…

Getting serious about anyone isn’t in Ricky Lee Reed’s plans. Hell, even now he doesn’t really have a plan—outside of catching whoever is threatening this dangerously brilliant family. But the more he sees of Toni, the more he’s howling for her. And whatever it takes to convince her that what they have is everything, well, this wily wolf is down for the sizzling chase…
Thoughts on Wolf With Benefits: This series just keeps getting better. More entertaining, more insane, more more more. And I LOVE IT!

I don't know what it was about Ricky Lee, but I ended up adoring him. Maybe it was his determination to see things through. Toni needed him there, he was there. Maybe it was the way he kept following her around and lending a hand in his easy-going way. All I know is that he might seem like a laid back guy on the surface, but he was adorable and he grew on me in a big way.

Flat out, Toni's family is terrifying. From the twins right on up, they're little monsters. Cute little monsters, but monsters all the same. Breaking away and living her own life wasn't easy, but Toni did it. Sure, she still have to wrangle Novikov (who is SO MUCH like her siblings it's hilarious), but she found her niche and (after a few false starts) dug in good.

And Toni and Ricky Lee were so cuuuuute.

(Totally loving all the face time with Novikov, too. I like that guy and his seriously OCD ways.)

The saddest part about ending this book is knowing I only have one more to go before I have to stop my reading binge. I wants more. MOAR.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gill Man's Girl by Carolina Connor [Review]

 Gill Man's Girl by Carolina Connor
Gill Man's Girl by Carolina Connor
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: June 13, 2015

Carolina Connor
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
One bad choice for undergraduate Lita Lawrence crash lands her alone in the middle of the Amazon rain forest! Finding herself in the safe haven of a lagoon during amphibian mating season may reduce those choices even further, until another species decides she is worth saving. Will she discover a way out of this labyrinth of sensation, or will she stake her own claim in the middle of this primeval land as the Gill Man’s Girl?
Thoughts on Gill Man's Girl: I'm sort of predisposed to like books where the heroine makes the best of a bad situation and ends up getting some hard lovin' out of it. I mean, who wouldn't jump at the chance to have some quality one-on-one time with a never before seen creature in the wilds of the Amazonian rain forest? NO ONE, that's who.

We have a monstrous love cavern (I'm not speaking euphemistically here, either. It was a LITERAL cavern of love. With lots of monster lovin'. Lots and lots of lovin'.), a gentle monster who's VERY well-endowed, and a girl who just can't turn away when the pheromones start pumping out. There's also a large amount of slime, but that's to be expected when you're dealing with partially amphibious monsters. Isn't it?

Hard lovin' and a more-than-willing couple. *slow thumbs up*

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

With a Twist by Staci Hart [Review]

 With a Twist by Staci Hart
With a Twist (Bad Habits #1) by Staci Hart
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: July 14, 2015

Bad Habits
1. With a TwistKindle
2. Chaser
3. Last Call

Staci Hart
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Love is somewhere near the bottom of Lily Thomas’ list of life goals, right next to competitive eating and underwater cave diving. She’s spent six years pirouetting and pliĆ©ing her way up the ranks of the New York Ballet with her eye on the prize and love in the back seat. But now that Blane Baker -- Lily’s long time crush -- is finally single, she’ll throw her rules out the window without thinking twice.

Reality with Blane isn’t as epic as the fantasy she imagined, and the truth sends her spinning straight into the arms of the man she never knew she’d always wanted.

West Williams has been friends with Lily since the day she moved into their building and he saved her armoire from a swift, sudden death by staircase. Their friendship has always been easy, the boundaries clearly defined. With neither of them willing to risk their relationship, they’ve drifted happily through the years as companions, never considering more.

That is, until they do. And that realization changes everything.
Thoughts on With a Twist: You had me at West's man-bun, Hart. You had me hard. And then you tightened that noose when you brought in all the other beautiful, quiet moments that made the friendship of this little group shine. They are far from perfect, but they are absolutely delightful with all their quirks and mistakes.

(Holy bananas! Book 3 is going to KILL me isn't it? *emphatically shakes fist at Staci Hart*)

Soooo. Things that worked. Lily. West. West's man-bun. Lily's appreciation of West's man-bun. West's appreciation of Lily's legs. And neck. And all the places in between. These two are seriously adorable together. SERIOUSLY. I loved the little moments they shared. Watching TV. Leaning on one another. Being there in silence. It worked for them so well.

Then there was the BOOM moment where they both realize what they feel *might* go beyond friendship and my heart melted.

This might be a weird thing to say, but I loved that Lily's fantasy of Blane was so far from reality. I didn't like what he did to her, but I liked how real it felt as Lily had to come to terms with her idealized picture of them vs Blane in real life. 'Cause that dude was meh on so many levels. (Actually, he's the character I loved to hate. There's always one, isn't there?)

Loved loved loved this book, these characters, the friends to lovers awesomeness. I can't wait to find out what Cooper had to do to get his HEA.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Off Tuesday - Duuuude.

I've taken over the Top Off Tuesday meme (formerly hosted by Felicia, Christi and Amanda). Why? Because I can't resist gratuitous shirtless covers. Nothing says Tuesday like flashing some skin, amirite?!?!

Those cover? Is everything I long for in a cover.

Dungeon Royale (Masters & Mercenaries #6) by Lexi Blake
Broken by betrayal, one woman holds the secret to his redemption…

An agent broken

MI6 agent Damon Knight prided himself on always being in control. His missions were executed with cold, calculating precision. His club, The Garden, was run with an equally ordered and detached decadence. But his perfect world was shattered by one bullet, fired from the gun of his former partner. That betrayal almost cost him his life and ruined his career. His handlers want him to retire, threatening to revoke his license to kill if he doesn’t drop his obsession with a shadowy organization called The Collective. To earn their trust, he has to prove himself on a unique assignment with an equally unusual partner.

A woman tempted

Penelope Cash has spent her whole life wanting more. More passion. More adventure. But duty has forced her to live a quiet life. Her only excitement is watching the agents of MI6 as they save England and the world. Despite her training, she’s only an analyst. The closest she is allowed to danger and intrigue is in her dreams, which are often filled with one Damon Knight. But everything changes when the woman assigned to pose as Damon’s submissive on his latest mission is incapacitated. Penny is suddenly faced with a decision. Stay in her safe little world or risk her life and her heart for Queen and country.

An enemy revealed

With the McKay-Taggart team at their side, Damon and Penny hunt an international terrorist across the great cities of Northern Europe. Playing the part of her Master, Damon begins to learn that under Penny’s mousy exterior is a passionate submissive, one who just might lay claim to his cold heart. But when Damon’s true enemy is brought out of the shadows, it might be Penny who pays the ultimate price.

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Let It Ride by Vivian Arend [Review]

 Let It Ride by Vivian Arend
Let It Ride (Thompson & Sons #3) by Vivian Arend
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 11, 2015

Thompson & Sons
1. Rocky Ride
1.5. Baby, Be Mine
2. One Sexy Ride
3. Let it RideKindle
4. A Wild Ride

Vivian Arend
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
He’s her rock in the midst of the storm

When Maggie Ward’s world is torn apart by sudden tragedy, the only thing that makes her days bearable is Clay Thompson’s unwavering presence. He’s protective, caring, and everything she could ask for in a friend. But when she finds herself longing for more than friendship, it will take a little seduction to convince the stubborn mechanic she’s ready to start living again.

She’s his heart, whether he knows it or not

Clay Thompson’s got the taking-care-of-others business down pat, only he’s never faced this particular challenge before—the one woman he’s always wanted is unexpectedly his to care for. Suddenly it’s not just responsibility driving him, but a wild desire to make Maggie truly his. But following his heart might mean sacrificing the family he’s held together for years.
Thoughts on Let It Ride: YOOOOUUUU GUYS. The friends to lovers trope. OMG! LOVED IT. Add in Maggie's wounded heart as she works on recovering from losing her husband unexpectedly and I was all O.O

You know what? It wasn't even the whole Maggie thing that pulled me in. It was Clay trying to temper his feelings for Maggie so she wouldn't feel pushed or overwhelmed by him as she dealt with her grief. It was... everything. OKAY? EVERYTHING.

Plus, you know, the Thompsons. They love hard and fight hard and support one another. Sometimes they might make a bad choice, but they're strong enough to admit when they're wrong.

This series is sexy and sweet and it makes me happy. *slow thumbs up*

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RtP Week in Review (07/26/15)

Reading the Paranormal's Week in Review
Bookish Delights
Check it out!
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Taking a Bite Out of Love by Tiffany Slayer [Review]

 Taking a Bite Out of Love by Tiffany Slayer
Taking a Bite Out of Love (Agents of Grimm #1) by Tiffany Slayer
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 04/26/15
Date read: May 3, 2015

Agents of Grimm
1. Taking a Bite Out of LoveKindle

Tiffany Slayer
| Website | Twitter | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
How’s that old saying go? Life’s a b*tch and then you die? Yeah, but that sweet little platitude doesn’t mention anything about sometimes coming back. I learned about that part the hard way, after a zombie decided he wanted me for dinner.

On the bright side, zombies don’t usually get away with chowing down on people because the Agents of Grimm stop them… and I’m their newest member.

The undead freak who ended my life is my first assignment but a seriously hot vampire is working with me and it’s difficult to not think about him sinking his fangs – and other things – into me. Too bad he's worried about losing control and turning me into a vampire zombie.

Can a sexy zombie and a hot vampire save the world from the things it doesn’t know it needs saving from?

Can two hearts find love even though they're no longer beating?

I guess we’ll find out.

Readers note: Contains adult language, supernatural violence, and sizzling sexual situations.
Thoughts on Taking a Bite Out of Love: I freely admit to having a soft spot for zombies. Yeah, sure they're usually all about the brain eating and rending and tearing and stuff, but some of them get a bad rap. Zombies need love, too, amirite?

Amber is a classic example of this. She needs it. Physical love, I mean. She NEEDS it. Bad. And the one she wants it with just happens to be a vampire who is hesitant to go to town on her because of that whole "me vampire, you zombie" thing.

Basically, we have a whole angsty, sexy, undead thing going between the two of them. It's awesome.

Oh. OH. And there's a naked werewolf. WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT NAKED WEREWOLVES, RIGHT???? *draws sparkly hearts around him*