Monday, February 8, 2016

Once Darkness Falls by S.M. Reine [Review]

 Once Darkness Falls by S.M. Reine
Once Darkness Falls (Preternatural Affairs #7) by S.M. Reine
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 23, 2016

Preternatural Affairs
1. Witch Hunt
2. Silver Bullet
3. Hotter Than Helltown
4. Shadow Burns
5. Deadly Wrong
6. Ashes and Arsenic
7. Once Darkness Falls - Kindle

S.M. Reine
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The worst case scenario has happened: Reno NV has fallen to demons. Someone at the Office of Preternatural Affairs screwed up.

As the lead of a secret internal investigations team, Agent Cesar Hawke needs to discover who is responsible. And then he needs to kill them.
Thoughts on Once Darkness Falls: I always feel for Cesar when I get back into his books. He's a good guy caught up in a bad situation. I honestly don't know who he should be trusting at this point and I can't imagine how he's going to weather the coming storms. I mean, Reno falling to demons is only the first level of crazy on its way. There's so SO much more.

I do get a kick out of seeing some of the very important peeps from the other series popping up here. Sure, Cesar isn't seeing Elise at her best (her being dead and all), but Elise never let a pesky thing like death slow her down. I mean, this time it did because she's all dead and stuff but... what were we talking about again?

(I'm going to take a moment to remind everyone that if you haven't read the Descent or Ascension series, you're totally missing out on how utterly badass Elise is. She's also borderline crazy. Except when she's all the way crazy, but that's another story.)

But let's get back to Cesar. He has a noble streak a mile wide and he's been put in a tough situation this time around. Things don't look good on a lot of levels. Again, I can only imagine it's going to get much, much worse before the poor guy figures out where he stands in all this. Plus, there's the awkwardness of his attraction to his best friend and boss's lady friend. Poor Cesar.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

RtP Week in Review (02/07/16)

Reading the Paranormal's Week in Review
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  • This week, I've been busy working on a redesign of the covers for Jodi Redford's Kinky Chronicles series. I love designing covers, especially with someone like Jodi who is SO easy to work with. Jodi will be revealing those bad boys soon, so keep an eye out for them!

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Blog Housekeeping [66]

It's that time again! Time to polish up your blog until it shines!

POP QUIZ: Have you been backing up your blog?

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  • check your subscription and social media links - if this isn't something that you normally check, now's an excellent time to make sure it's doing what it should be doing.
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Get ahead:
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  • respond to review requests and other bloggy emails
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Did you do everything that applies to you? Well done! Now...

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The Next Blog Housekeeping is scheduled for 3/5! I hope to see you there!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Shadow Play by Erin Kellison [Review]

 Shadow Play by Erin Kellison
Shadow Play (Shadow Touch #2) by Erin Kellison
Format: ebook
Source: provided by publisher through NetGalley
Date read: November 26, 2015

Shadow Touch
1. Shadow Touch
2. Shadow Play - Kindle
3. Shadow Hunt
4. Shadow Burn
Shadow Touched (books 1-4) - Kindle

Erin Kellison
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
The world is growing dark with it as mysteries from antiquity and legend creep into our time, bringing a new world of danger, beauty and...

Dr. Cam Kalamos has dedicated his life to studying its strange properties, but nothing is more intriguing than a woman whose soul is split in half, one part under her control, one part bent on...

How can he resist the lure of a lover with no inhibitions and an insatiable desire to possess him? Both Ellie and her shadow want Cam, but there is an innocent child to be rescued from the forest and the strange fae creatures of...

Love, loyalty, betrayal—which will rule? As Ellie sends her other self into the darkness, there is only one certainty: Trusting in shadows is a dangerous game.
Thoughts on Shadow Play: Ellie has found some control over her shadow half, but that doesn't mean all her troubles are over. She and Cam are still circling the sexual tension wagon while her shadow-side does her level best to seduce Cam every chance she gets. Which makes things complicated because Ellie's shadow is really Ellie and Cam can't say no to either of them.

Cue up the awkward family dinners with that revelation.

With a child's life hinging on Ellie and her dark half being able to navigate Shadow, they can't afford to not trust one another. Throw in some wary government types and someone who could possibly be an ally (but might just as easily be an enemy) and things get a little sticky.

What can I say? I like it when they get complicated.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shadow Touch by Erin Kellison [Review]

 Shadow Touch by Erin Kellison
Shadow Touch (Shadow Touch #1) by Erin Kellison
Format: ebook
Source: provided by publisher through NetGalley
Date read: November 21, 2015

Shadow Touch
1. Shadow Touch - Kindle
2. Shadow Play
3. Shadow Hunt
4. Shadow Burn
Shadow Touched (books 1-4) - Kindle

Erin Kellison
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
It is bleeding into our world, bringing with it banshees, wraiths, fae from the twisting forests of Twilight. But Elllie’s problem is a very different kind of phenomenon...

It ought to be attached to her; instead it has a life of its own. And her dark mirror image is a wild thing, willfully seducing the very man Ellie hoped could help.

Cam has devoted his career to exploring the boundaries between this world and the Hereafter. But nothing could prepare him for the mischief and mayhem of a soul split in two.

Who will give in first: the man struggling to unite two halves of one fascinating female; the shadow fighting for freedom to experience the thrill of every emotion; or the woman who is about to discover her own deepest desires?
Thoughts on Shadow Touch: Short, but with lots of potential for some serious crazy. Which I appreciate. Because if you can't enjoy the crazy, what's life about, amirite?

Ellie is a woman with problems. Fairly big problems. She's desperate enough to plead her case to a scientist at a shadowy (heh) research facility. Only her issues with shadow are a little different than what Cam is used to. Which presents a bit of a problem because Cam doesn't have the means to help Ellie.

Did I mention that desperation thing? Yeah. Ellie's a little one edge and she's reached her breaking point. Her shadow's fascination with the sexy scientist might cause a few problems. Or it might be the first step in mending the things inside her that are broken.

Fun with some definite smolder. Part 2 should be interesting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Satan's Servers by C.E. Martin [Review]

 Satan's Servers by C.E. Martin
Satan's Servers (Shadow Detachment) by C.E. Martin
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: November 16, 2015

Shadow Detachment
Dark Invaders
Stone Soldier
Blood Traitor
Satan's Servers - Kindle
Red Magik
Outlaws of Olympus
SpellBreaker: Full Circle

Stone Soldiers
1. Mythical
2. Brothers in Stone
3. Blood and Stone
4. Shades of War
5. Black Knight Down
6. Armageddon Z
7. Seven Deadly Sons
8. Terrorcota
9. Pale Horseman
10. A Lucky Day To Die
11. One Dark Step

C.E. Martin
Website | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
1997--the world prepares to embrace a new century with nations and peoples joining together in cyberspace thanks to the ever-growing Internet. But the exchange of information, the transfer of monies and even the control of computerized systems over great distances is just the beginning of the digital age. Murder has gone online--blood sacrifices engineered by an unseen enemy hiding somewhere in the shadows. When world wide web of death is uncovered by America's Artificial Intelligence network, the time for virtual action is over. Lethal force is called for, and Detachment 1039 is ready to deliver it.
Thoughts on Satan's Servers: I seriously get a kick out of Kenslir's ability to take a hit and keep on going. All his special abilities make him the ultimate killing machine. AND I LIKE THAT. Mostly because it means he's a one man army when it comes to taking down bad guys. Considering that the bad guys he's facing off against have their own brand of abilities, this is a good thing.

This time around, we're diving head first into the sinister side of the internet. Hold on. I feel like there should be a punchline here. *pauses* *laughs to self* *moves on* Anyway. Bad things are happening and it takes the powerful AI working for Detachment 1039 to see the pattern. Naturally, Kenslir gets sent in to take care of this.

Because that's what he does.

I enjoy the glimpses we have of Kenslir before Josie and the others have joined him. As always, the violence is bloody and Kenslir is enigmatic. *thumbs up*

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top Off Tuesday - Sack this!

I've taken over the Top Off Tuesday meme (formerly hosted by Felicia, Christi and Amanda). Why? Because I can't resist gratuitous shirtless covers. Nothing says Tuesday like flashing some skin, amirite?!?!

Football players are a new obsession of mine. Wait. Not just football players. I like hockey players, and baseball players and... pretty much all of them. BECAUSE MUSCLES!

 Sacked by Jen Frederick
Sacked (Gridiron #1) by Jen Frederick
What he wants he gets...

Knox Masters is a quarterback's worst nightmare. Warrior. Champion. Knox knows what he wants--and he gets it. All American Football player? Check. NFL pros scouting him? Check. Now, he's set his sight on two things. The national title. And Ellie Campbell. Sure, she's the sister of his fellow teammate, but that's not going to stop him. Especially not when he’s convinced Ellie is the one.

...but he's never met her before.

But Ellie isn't as sure. She's trying to start a new life and she's not interested in a relationship...with anyone. Beside it's not just her cardinal rule of never dating her brother's teammates that keeps her away, but Ellie has a dark secret that would jeopardize everything Knox is pursuing.

Knox has no intention of losing. Ellie has no intention of giving in.